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  • January 2014: In anticipation of the upcoming National Engineers Week, Trilogy Publications thanks the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation for its donation of 500 Those Amazing Engineers books to New York City.
  • December 2011: The ENR Texas & Louisiana mentions Thornton Tomasetti Foundation's grant to help seismically retrofit a number of Peruvian school buildings.

  • November 2011: The Stanford University News discusses a seismic retrofit of Peruvian school buildings funded in part by a grant from the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation.

  • November 2011: The Science Blog wrote a detailed story about the seismic retrofit of Peruvian school buildings with Thornton Tomaestti Foundation mentioned as a principal funder.

  • November 2011: The University of Maryland chapter of Engineers Without Borders notes that its Ethiopia project was awarded a grant from the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, which will be used to cover travel and construction expenses.
  • July 2010: Modern Steel Construction notes Thornton Tomasetti Foundation grants in support of Engineers Without Borders work on two bridge projects in Central America.

  • July 2010: Penn State News mentions the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation as one of the many supporting the Penn State Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture department.

  • June 2010: New York Construction reviews the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation donation for a healthcare clinic in Nicaragua.

  • May 2010: notes our grant to the Cal Poly chaption of Engineers Without Borders for the construction of a healthcare clinic in Nicaragua.

  • April 2010: Engineering News-Record reviews Those Amazing Engineers, a primer on the profession for elementary and middle-school students, notes that the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation provided funding for free copies to be distributed to New York City Schools.

  • March 2010: ASCE News discusses a reinforced concrete bridge designed and constructed by Duke engineering students in Bolivia was made possible through a Thornton Tomasetti Foundation grant.