Thornton Tomasetti Foundation

Thornton Tomasetti Establishes Charitable Foundation

New York, February 29, 2008 – Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., a leading building engineering and design firm, has established the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation to support the education and community outreach activities of young engineers and architects.

"The Foundation builds on our heritage of support of education and community outreach," said Richard Tomasetti, chairman of Thornton Tomasetti Foundation and founding principal of Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

The foundation, a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, has two primary missions:

Key elements of the program are college scholarships, traveling internships, and grants to, and partnerships with, nonprofit organizations.

"The Foundation will take our outreach to the next level," said Joel Weinstein, vice chairman of the Foundation. "It will give back not only to the design professional community, but also to the building industry as a whole."

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The programs of the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are funded through an endowment established by the principals of the firm. The Foundation's activities are wholly separate from those of the firm.

Thornton Tomasetti Foundation FAQ

1. Who is eligible for a scholarship or internship for travel abroad?

Students of engineering or architecture matriculated at any accredited institution of higher learning, for either a primary or advanced degree. Full-time employees of Thornton Tomasetti are not eligible.

2. How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarship applications will be handled directly by the universities affiliated with the Foundation, not by the Foundation itself. A list of participating universities will be announced.

3. How do I apply for an internship for travel abroad?

Same as in question 2. The Foundation will provide a per diem and cover travel expenses for a student to study and/or work abroad for a semester or summer.

4. How do other organizations apply for grants from the Foundation?

By writing a letter to the Foundation that includes the following:

Applications will be judged based on their support of the primary mission of the Foundation.

5. What is the difference between the work of the Foundation and Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. with regard to scholarships, internships and philanthropic activities?

The Foundation’s activities are separate from the business and philanthropic activities of Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

About The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation

The Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization established in February 2008, has two primary missions including funding fellowships, scholarships and internships for undergraduate students, and those planning to pursue graduate studies in building engineering, design or technology and providing financial support for individuals and organizations pursuing philanthropic activities related to building engineering, design or technology. Key elements of the program are college scholarships, traveling internships, and grants to, and partnerships with nonprofit organizations.


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